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Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas in the kitchen


Today will be a little more decorating. I have the living room to finish up. It's at the ...worse until it gets better...stage. I knew I had a lot of decorations gathered over the years but it was an eye opener to see them all out at once like that. I'm so happy to be letting them go. And I will be gaining a lot of room in my attic. Each year things are getting simpler for me. For one thing I'm not physically able to do stamina wise what I used to. My hips are killing me today from all that lifting. But as my sisters says it will never be just a wreath on the door until I'm in a nursing home.

Speaking of sisters she gave me the partridge in a pear tree candle holder...one of my favorite decorations. Yes, that is snow out the window. We got a dusting. These next two days will be busy with Thanksgiving preparations.



  1. If you got a dusting of snow, can we be far behind? :-)

    Just think, in a couple of more days, the next Holiday will be bursting forth, all over pretty blog land. :-)

    I'm slow. But don't have as much to put out any more, either. :-)

  2. that is a beautiful pear tree. definitely a keeper.
    i can't wait to see what you do!
    i'm putting the fairy lights on my balcony sometime today or tomorrow. trying to pick a day with no wind.
    yeah right. we ALWAYS have wind. it's easier if it's not gusting 40 to nothin'!
    last year a man stopped me as i was getting into my car. it was a cold grey day. he said...
    "ma'am... i really like your christmas lights. they make me feel better when i leave for work. and when i come home too. thank you."
    i leave them on all night long. and he leaves in the dark and returns in the dark.
    you just never know how a simple thing can affect people.
    and... this is getting too long ... as always.
    but ... what your sister said about you and the wreath on the door...
    i remember the post where your husband hadn't even gotten the room finished yet...
    and there was peggy's wreath on the door! I LOVE YOU! LOLOLOL!!!!


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