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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chef's 117

Today our Circle of Friends tried out a new restaurant in town. chef's is only open for breakfast and lunch and I hadn't tried it out yet. I wasn't disappointed.

The decor was lovely with two long tables made from wood


The breads are all homemade and delicious. Everyone enjoyed their food. I had chicken salad on a croissant.

Joan enjoyed an egg white omelet.

It was a nice day out with friends.



  1. Love the long tables.

    They eat like that in Normandy style bistros. Long tables. People sit next to one another. Very communal. :-)

    My then Paris friend, took us to such, while we were there. He was from the Normandy region.

    Hugs, Tessa

  2. It was a very nice place, wasn't it :). I went back the next day, with Becky, we were served well :). Becky had the Pumpkin pancake, which she loved and I had the blueberry pancakes along with eggs Benedict....OH YUM!!


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