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Friday, November 13, 2015



The sky this morning is magnificent. I've been waking up at six o'clock ever since we changed the clocks. I love seeing the change from darkness to day light.

Another day is beginning...another day to appreciate being alive. I love the calmness of the morning when the house is quiet and peaceful.

With each minute the sky becomes lighter as the clouds roll past. Then in blew the cloud cover to darken the day. We experience a lot of days that lack sunshine. That can make you depressed unless you realize that you can make your own sunshine through activity, family, friends and hobbies.

A new day awakens. I always ask myself..how can I make this day a good one? I always work better when I have a goal so in the morning I think about what I want to accomplish that day. I love having a plan and a goal.



  1. It is interesting.... Very first thing at dawn, the sun shines. The same way, just before sunset, the sun seems to shine. It is as if, it can shine a bit, in an almost direct line. Under the clouds, as it were. :-) Just for those very few minutes.

    I envy you, waking that early, to see sunrise. I used to wake that early, but my body clock has reset. Plus, I can't really view either sunrise or sunset, due to trees.


  2. Peggy, that's inspirational! For me, since time changed back, I've been getting up at 7, which is early for me. And I love that extra time in my morning.


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