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Thursday, October 13, 2016

And suddenly it's fall


How quickly the season changed. Bradford made the national news for its low of twenty seven degrees the other day. As the day passes it warms up to make a pleasant afternoon. The hills have begun to color and the sun paints the leaves with golden light.

A little update on Sadie. She has been through a lot with the Lyme disease but the antibiotics have finally seemed to make her feel better and now we will deal with her joint problems. She had X-rays and the results show dislocated kneecaps. No wonder she can't walk. Next Tuesday she will have surgery. We are praying for a good result and some pain relief.


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  1. oh darling little Sadie. i cannot even IMAGINE the pain she is in!!!
    and having to walk and trying to soldier on. oh the mind just boggles at their resilience in the face of things.
    i will be waiting to hear how everything goes. i KNOW you'll tell us as soon as you can! BLESS YOU and SADIE! xoxo


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