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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Try not to panic, try not to panic

If you have your blog on blogspot you may know what I mean. My blog roll at the sidebar went POOF! and just disappeared. I panicked.  As you know I keep all the blogs I love right there beside my blog so I can read them every day. My favorite bloggers are there and I want to keep up with their latest posts. And now…gone, gone, gone! At first I thought it must have been something that I had done (of course…you know that has happened before.) So I googled it. What did we ever do before google? Is there any question that they don’t have the answer for? Anyhow, I was at first relieved to find out that I wasn’t the only one with that problem. It seems the problem is with Blogger, not me. All they can say is that they are working on it. It will be days, they say, but they can fix it..(they say) and restore the blogroll. Meanwhile I figured out a way to go back to an old cache of a post and get the blogroll from there. Whew! Meanwhile I owe you an apology for not showing up for a few days. It seems I am blogging by spurts now. When I have something to say..I blog. If not, I just go about my business. So if you visit and I’m not here, don’t worry. I’m just living my life.




  1. ohmygoodness!
    i hate technical difficulties! it's always scary.
    you feel like you're all alone in a little boat floating on the big ocean!
    here's hoping they keep their word and fix it well.

  2. I understand how worrisome and infuriating computer technical issues can be! Kudos to you for finding a solution, Peggy! I've been in and out of blogging all year ~ Here I am trying to catch up again! My perpetual state! No apologies needed! I so get it! Sending you a big hug!


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