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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sadie update

Sadie came through the surgery well. It was quite extensive. He repaired her torn ACL and fixed her dislocated kneecap. He said thing were complicated and out of line and he did some major work. She stayed overnight and will have more if antibiotics today. We will pick her up at noon and she will come home with two pain meds. We are praying that this will finally be the thing that will help her. For over a year all we have been doing is managing pain.

You can see out the window that our leaves are turning fast and the wind has blown them half off. The rain today will wash the colors away now.


1 comment :

  1. oh little sadie! good news.
    we will hold only the best thoughts for her complete recovery.
    and then you and sadie will be on your walks in the wonderful park once again!!!
    your words on the peanut post just made me cry. you are so dear.
    i do think i would like to try blogger someday. and have one of my very own!
    i love the capt and all he has done for me on word press. but i'd like to have total creative control.
    i think it would be more fun. and word press is so awfully complicated. i think i'd like blogger.
    my library offers a class in it so i will take that when its offered... and it's a fun way to meet people.
    i've enjoyed blogging too much and made too many wonderful friends here to give it up totally! XOXO♥
    hug that wee brave sadie for me! ♥


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