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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I subscribe to Wordsmith and am sent a new vocabulary word every day. I loved today’s word…obambulate which means to walk about. It’s earliest documented use is from 1614. It is from the Latin ob (to) and ambulare (to walk). IMG_2165-0

And obambulate I did! Yesterday it was such a gorgeous afternoon with temperatures reaching 77 so I went down on the University of Pittsburgh’s trail for a nice walk. I sure miss having my Sadie with me. It has been a long time since she has been able to go on a walk with me. She was the one who asked me to take her for a walk daily.

IMG_2133The trail is right in back of our Pitt campus. We are so lucky to have this university right at our doorstep.

IMG_2131Everywhere I turned there were photo ops.
IMG_2138Looking up….
IMG_2167And looking down.

These precious days before the long weary winter are so welcomed.


  1. oh! i can almost SMELL the autumn in the air! such beautiful pictures.
    wow. and that trail. i can see why you'd love it.
    and never fear... your little sadie will be walking with you again soon.
    she has great courage. she'll rally from this set back! xoxo♥

  2. LOL! maybe i should have said she'd obambulate with you again soon!
    it's a very weird word actually.
    but it's fun to know it now. thanks.


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