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Thursday, October 20, 2016

James Taylor and Pandora

Sometimes it takes music to make you feel better. When I am down listening to James Taylor’s mellow music can allow me to own my feelings and let me dwell in my misery for a while. I have discovered that life can’t always be roses so when things aren’t going as well as expected or stress overwhelms you it is best to just let yourself have a bad day knowing that it won’t last.

  James Taylor’s old songs playing the background while I’m doing other things just makes me more relaxed. And having instant access to music to me is just an amazing part of this new technology world. Have you discovered Pandora? It’s a free app or website that allows you to determine your own listening music to play. You can choose an artist or a general type of music and listen. Pandora gives you personalize radio that plays what you love and continually evolves with your tastes. You can create personalized stations from songs, artist, genres, or comedians. If you creat an account you can listen on your desktop and mobile devices. I take my phone with me on walks and listen.
    James is such a classic. His simple lyrics and guitar and easy style is so soothing.

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