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Friday, October 14, 2016

Buttoning up


It is that time….
time to get all tucked in for winter. Our winters are harsh and we can’t leave much outside for the elements to ruin. We clear off the courtyard by putting tables and chairs in the shed and taking down the lights. We pile all the planters around the lion fountain and cover it with a tarp for the season. I don’t like to have to clear the decks but it is part of that changing season routine. We will still have some warm fall days but the mornings are cool now.
   This is the first weekend in a while with nothing on my plate and I am looking forward to spending it just relaxing. I have books piled up to read and tv programs recorded. Sounds delightful doesn’t it?


  1. it does sound delightful.
    we're also having the most wonderful cool nights and early mornings.
    still getting to the 80's and sometimes 90's though. nothing has turned yet.
    what a gift it will be when the leaves finally turn color!
    enjoy your weekend dear bean! xo

  2. My father always called it "getting buttoned up for the winter" and we all still use that wonderful expression. Because of John's knee replacement Matt, Lisa and Ann are here to get us buttoned up tomorrow. John and I have managed to do a lot of the work with cushions and accent pieces. Much is washed,dried and stored for the winter. Tomorrow the boys will haul furniture to the storage barn. Ann and Lisa and I will get the porch decorated for fall plus about 10 (5 minute) jobs inside. A few of which are computer and knitting related. Matt already got the DVD player working properly. The best part of Saturday is a wonderful blue sky, sunshiny, October day with the children.


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