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Friday, October 07, 2016

Autumn at Sister Two's

I am spending the weekend at Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke Virginia with my two sisters.

Linda with andirons and Diane with a blue candy dish of course our first stop was shopping!

Diane also has the decorating bug and her house is beautiful! She recently traded out a farmhouse table for this smaller round one.

It's always fun to visit the lake house. Tomorrow we are going on a tour of some lake houses nearby.

She also does her own flower arranging.


So beautiful!



  1. I love how you spend so much time with your sisters, Peggy! Sisters form unique and irreplaceable relationships! It's obvious how much you enjoy each other and love each other! Diane's home is inviting. I share her love of arranging flowers! Enjoy!!!

  2. Lovely that you get to spend time with your sisters♥

  3. ohmygoodness. beautiful.
    especially that room with a wall of windows! my kind of room!
    have fun dearest bean! xo


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