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Sunday, October 02, 2016





Do you love Lucy? Evidently most of the people who saw this statue in Celeron Park near Jamestown, NY did not.Jamestown is  famous for being the birthplace of Lucille Ball. There is even a museum there with memorabilia. Lucy was in the news because the residents of Celeron, a small suburb where she was born, protested the statue of her that is in the park. It really wasn't flattering and didn't resemble her at all.  Don and I saw it a few years ago since we frequently go to Jamestown which is about an hour from our house for shopping and dinner. When the statue was revealed it created quite a contoversy.


But yesterday we stopped again at the park and I am happy to report that a new statue has replaced the old Lucy and this one is a hit!
Isn’t she gorgeous.

There is so much detail in her dress, bag and even pearls. This one captures the essence of Lucy so well. Bravo!



  1. obviously a more astute artist to detail!
    although the first statue holding the cough syrup reminded me of that episode
    that was truly hilarious! veeta vita vegimin! LOLOL

  2. Okay! Now this is a new statue that captures the Lucy I loved!


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