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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some things just have to be shared

Don't you love to get the chills? Get ready...this new video by Pentatonix of Hallelujah just will make you amazed. I love a good rendition of a song and this one has been done and done. But this version is above average and the fact that it is all a capella makes it even better. I've loved Pentatonix for years and admire the fact that they refused to compromise their ideals of singing a capella despite pressure.  Sit back and enjoy. 


  1. Very nice song ♥

  2. They are spectacular! The way they photographed the video is gorgeous. Loved every bit of it! Thank you for sharing.

  3. i love them too! especially their christmas songs. and watching them is heaven.
    i hadn't heard them do hallelujah before. thank you for this link!
    my favorite rendition of it has always been by the writer of it himself... leonard cohen.
    but wow. i might just have to change my mind now. although he still gives me chills.


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