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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pineapple sage

I buy a few herbs at the beginning of summer and put them in my little herb garden by the kitchen door. This summer I planted pineapple sage because of its fragrance. But I was surprised when it bloomed and showed these red flowers. An added bonus.

We had a beautiful Indian Summer day with temperatures in the low seventies.

Our leaves are falling a lot today with the wind. There are a lot of different trees in our back yard but the oak leaves seem to be making there way onto the courtyard. I don't know why but they will still be there in the spring unless we make an effort to use the leaf blower and get them off.

I've been reading The Girl in Cabin 10 this afternoon while keeping one eye on the Buffalo Bills game. Sunday is such a relaxing day.


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  1. it truly has been a lovely quiet day.
    the A/C is on here because our temps have been creeping back up to 90 again each day. sigh.
    but at least we have the A/C! so can't complain.
    have stopped by to see how our wee darling Sadie is doing. hug her for me.
    i forgot to mention how beautiful you both were in that picture. XOXO♥


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