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Friday, October 21, 2016

We have a long history

In 1888 a prominent Bradford woman and her friend decided that although our town was booming with oil there was not much culture for ladies so they started a Women’s Literary Club modeled after one they had seen in Buffalo. This was the beginning of a club that has been around for so many years and has such a long history. In the beginning the woman adhered to strict rules and presented programs and served on committees. They had outside speakers who came to town one being Carl Sandburg. They met every Friday and enjoyed tea after the programs.






  Still after all these years our club has not changed that much. We meet on Fridays, have tea, listen to outside speakers and some members do programs. I joined the group which meets in the afternoons when I retired from teaching. It is a lovely group of women who are intelligent and cultured and kind.

  IMG_2173Today’s program was on the history of the Literary Club. The tables were decorated with dried hydrangeas and pumpkins. Tea and cookies were served after the meeting. We have three new members this year one of whom was a girl that I taught third grade with. We had a wonderful time catching up on each other’s lives.


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  1. i love tradition like that! and notice the three (there may have even been more) who wore hats!
    how wonderful! :)


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