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Monday, October 17, 2016

Butternut squash soup


Are you a soup lover? When the weather turns nippy there is nothing I like better than soup. I will resort to canned soup but there is nothing better than homemade. I remember my mother's tasty vegetable soup or having grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for Friday night's supper. It wasn't until much, much later in life I learned to like squash. I first had butternut squash soup at a country club in our home town. I was so impressed that any time I saw it on the menu I would order it. Panera Bread always has it on in the fall but their's is a little sweet for my taste. The recipe above came at Weight Watchers this week. It is easy to make and very good. I hope you will try it. Do you have any great soup recipes to share?v




  1. it's tuesday as i write this and i'm thinking of wee Sadie. praying all goes well. will be waiting anxiously to hear!
    YES! to soup! i love it. it's one of those foods i could eat every day and never tire of. actually i pretty much do.
    as a matter of fact i will be having homemade vegetable soup for days this week. i always seem to make too much!
    last week i made a corn chowder. potato based of course. with onions... and very creamy. YUM.
    i think potato soup (minus corn) is my favorite probably. with warm buttered cornbread. doesn't get much better!

    1. You and I would get along so very well....well....except for the fact I'm not a minimalist..LOL. I'm so crazy about soup too. I could eat it each and every day with bread and a salad and not complain. Too bad I have to cook for a meat and potatoes kinda guy. I LOVE corn chowder!!!


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