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Saturday, October 01, 2016

I’m in Love

Have you ever fallen in love with a magazine? In the past when I went to Cape Cod with my sisters I discovered a magazine La Vie Clair. The quality of the magazine was only rivaled by the quality of the paper it was printed on. Just touching it gave me a thrill. The photography was splendid with quotes and articles on living a good, full and rich life. I tried to get every back issue I could and subscribed immediately. Unfortunately that magazine went out of print.

   I feel the same way about Southern Lady. Even though I don’t live in the South I was born there and maybe it was my roots or just my love of good recipes and stories that led me to continue my subscription every year.


  But today I made a new discovery.


Are you familiar with Bella Grace? I had never seen it before although this is the ninth issue. I was in Michael’s craft store today buying more acrylic paint and noticed it on the magazine stand by the register. Immediately my eye was drawn to the cover.  56 Ways to boost your Mood….Creating Sacred Spaces….23 things it took me 23 years to learn.  I was intrigued. And then I picked it up. It was hefty and the soft cover was thick and textured. Love! It went in my cart.

When I opened the inside it took my breath away. The paper was thick and the photography just lovely. All of the articles were uplifting. The premise of the whole magazine was to create beauty in words and pictures. “We knew there were people out there who would appreciate these tiny but significant parts of our lives, and we knew they wanted to share their own moments.”  The whole magazine is founded on readers sharing their stories and there is a place in the back with submission information. There are quotes from writers:


….and it is interactive with places where you can write in the magazine yourself like a little journal.

Now I will be looking to find out how I can get all eight previous issues. If you love the little things in life you will love this magazine.


  1. i too feel in love with la vie Claire.
    i owned every one they ever printed! i read and re~read them!
    always keeping them in brand new pristine condition!
    a friend of mine at that time was going through a very hard time.
    i packed them all into a plastic box and gave them to her as a special gift.

    i can even STILL recall some of the articles... and the sheer beauty of that magazine!
    she still has a website you know. and she's still creating those lovely hooked rugs she made.

    THANK YOU for introducing bella grace! i shall definitely check it out! xo

  2. here she is peggy!
    and you know... if her hair were red she could almost be a peggy look alike!
    there are videos in the link i'm sending... her shop...
    AND her home!!!


    1. thank you Tammy for the link to those videos. It brought back the memory of going into her store and seeing all her wonderful creations. My sister bought a rug for her lake house there. I still have every issue of La Vie Claire. I just can't bring myself to throwing them away. There are some things that just sing to your soul. I think you will find Bella Grace the same way. What a kind and generous thing you did giving the magazines to your friend to make her world a little happier.

  3. Bella Grace looks like a lovely magazine, Peggy! I love the feeling of thick, rich paper. I'm guessing that you, as a teacher like me, noticed how paper and other supplies got cheaper and flimsier over the years.


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