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Sunday, December 27, 2015

A quiet peaceful day

The days after Christmas are so enjoyable. The hubbub is over and everyone relaxes. Here Sara just came downstairs to show off her French braid that Michele had put in her hair. Dan and Gretchen are curled up on the comfy couch in the family room watching Star Wars Behind the Scenes. Don, chris and Ryan are building a platform Dow in the theater room. Chris has two cliches, one with stadium seating that he will put one behind the other the top one on a platform. That will ensure that everyone will have a good movie seat when he shows movies with his enormous screen and rear view projector. The rest of us are hanging out just relaxing. This morning Ryan fixed us breakfast including his famous potatoes and peppers. Yum! No big plans for today. Just chillin'.

14humans..and 5 dogs



  1. Love that dog picture! I can never get all of the dogs together in one frame. Only Lily was paying attention!

  2. oh how lily has grown!
    and they ALL look like "WHEN can WE come IN!!!"
    it sounds wonderful to me.
    i hope your cold is better.
    i have a pot roast going in the crock pot here. it's smelling heavenly!
    snow and solid ice outside. i won't be going anywhere for a few days! :) xo

  3. Peg, You and Don are going to the dogs. How wonderful.


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