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Wednesday, December 02, 2015


One of the traditions at our house involves nostalgia. Don has very few things from his childhood but one thing he cherishes is his football.
thanksgiving at chris' 2015 173
We are not talking NFL here but just a cloth covered football that he played with as a child. He also has that little wheeled flat car. Each Christmas we put those out to remind ourselves that it isn’t the gifts or possessions that you have but the love of your family that counts. I also have letters to Santa that my children and grandchildren have written and a few ornaments that they made for me. thanksgiving at chris' 2015 172
And photos remind us of their wonderful times as a child. I cherish that one of my mother and me. Old roller skates and ice skates and a red toy shovel make a nice display. thanksgiving at chris' 2015 175

Do you have something special that you always display?


  1. I have a wax candle Santa Claus that was bright red when I was a little girl. My father loved that Santa and always insisted it be placed on the end table next to his chair. The Santa has now faded to a very light pink. He is sitting on my dining room shelves. I will put a picture on the blog.

  2. i have a tiny toy soldier ornament that i bought the year the marine's only son was born.
    it just turned 40 years old this year. his son mike is special ops and somewhere in the middle east this christmas.
    the tiny soldier is saluting. he touches my heart to this very day.
    i love the roller skate! i had a pair just like them! remember hanging the key on a string around your neck? we did! what fun! xo

  3. My maid of honor at our wedding was aghast that we didn't have any dove decorations for our reception. She got us two little "love doves" which weren't anything more than big white Easter style chicks, but I top our Christmas tree with them every year. She died from a severe asthma attack on the side of a California freeway at 35. She was like a sister to me, so those "love doves" mean the world to me, even if they're bittersweet.


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