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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Home once more

The traveling girl is home once more. I hope to keep my feet on the ground for a few months now. I love being with my family but now it is time to rest. January is always a time to slow down. I like to do small projects such as organizing but I also like to just sit and read.

Chris gave us a new computer for Christmas so today we will set it up and try to get used to Windows ten. My old computer was Vista so you can tell how far behind the times it was. Chris was able to transfer my documents, poctures, and bookmarks all over for me even though it took hours. Ryan also gave me a signal booster for the wifi. Hopefully now I can work faster and be less frustrated. It will be nice not to see the message...not responding.

Today I have therapy for my hip again. It was nice that I wasn't in pain while I was away. And I can walk without a limp. I wasn't good about doing my exercises while I was away though. Being sick kept me from it. Now that I'm home I will get back into the routine again. My throat is still sore this morning. I've been taking some severe cold mess and cough drops. I keep thinking that this will go away soon.

It was so nice being with Dan and Gretchen over the holiday. They make such a cute couple. And Scott is so into music. He is now collecting vinyl records. Who would have thought that they would come back into fashion?

Chris and Michele had a beautiful tree this year for their first Christmas in the new house. We were all very comfortable and the house could hold all twelve of us without any trouble with four bedrooms and three baths. Chris finished his media rom and we all got to sit comfortably on his theater seating and watch movies. Ryan got him a popcorn machine just like in the theaters and it looked and smelled just like you were In a real theater.


When Chris was looking for a house he wanted a sunset view. He certainly found it with this house.


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  1. It was such a great holiday, and I agree that I will enjoy a relaxing January. I love the picture you shared of Dan and me! I think that shows our relationship perfectly :)


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