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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Are you as busy as I am? It isn't bad enough I have wrapping and baking and entertaining to do. Now I'm going to physical therapy for my hip. The heat and electric treatments and exercises have done wonders for my bursitis. This is the first time I have been almost pain free in such a long time. I wish I would have been diagnosed sooner. I'm getting things done just at a slower pace.

if you show up here and I'm not here, please forgive me.




  1. hi peggy!
    i've just spent some delightful time sitting here with my morning coffee and reading all the posts i've missed while away on my trip with the marine!
    we delivered presents to his grandsons in georgia. i'd been through that area long ago. forgot how special it is.
    oh what beautiful country. rolling low mountains... pine forests and then finally... moss on the trees!
    mike and reve' bought a house with a pool there and will be stationed there until he retires from the air force.
    we at least know that his deployments will have a schedule now. he's in the middle east somewhere right now... we don't know exactly where. 8 months away. then he'll be home 12. then back to the middle east 8... then home 12... and on and on. good grief!
    jacob is now HALF an inch taller than i am! he was very proud of that. LOLOL. and his blake towers over me now.
    i loved your literary luncheon and your darling little cheese ball presentation with the candle. i agree with fundy blue. you make it all always beautiful and fun!
    enjoy the holidays darling bean. take care of you! i'm so glad the PT is working for you!!!
    oh... i have a new email address. the old program just froze. new one is tammyreedjames@gmail.com

  2. Thank God it was not as serious as we thought...Whew❤️


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