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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas with family


Nothing is better than spending time with those you love so this Christmas is very special. There is such a sense of calmness about this holiday. I've been slightly low key due to a sore throat and cold. I've been very healthy this last year but have this darn cold now. Right now I'm listening to Christmas music waiting for Ryan and family to arrive. Last night we attended the service at Chris' church where Michele sang a solo of a song she wrote. I've heard her singing around the house and knew she had a beautiful voice but didn't realize she also was a talented songwriter. It was a lovely gift from her to her church. We will be having our big dinner when Ryan arrives. Dan and Gretchen are also here so the family is complete. I love it when we are all together. What a wonderful Christmas.



  1. blessings to you dear bean.
    makes me feel good to think of all your family there with you.
    get well soon! xo♥

  2. I hope your are over that cold and sore throat :(. How are you feeling now? Know I a wishing you nothing but the best of this Christmas❤️

  3. And...as for Michelle, I am pleasantly surprised, another talent up her sleeve :)


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