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Friday, December 04, 2015

Literary Club Christmas Party

Today at Literary Club we had a wonderful time. Instead of sitting in rows of chairs we were seated at tables. At each table were cheesballs and crackers. Some of the members were asked to bring the cheeseballs. I brought a pimento cheese one. Here is mine at our table. I used a tray and vase that I had gotten at Tuesday Morning a number of years ago. The tall votive candle is Luminara. I love those faux candles because the have timers. The covered bowl is part of a sandwich set that my sister got for me.

Some of the members put on a play for the others. At each table there was an actor. I was Amy, a frugal, bah humbug coupon clipper. As the play went on we stopped for different courses of food. The second course was finger sandwiches and the final course was a cookie tray.


Next time I am bringing my big girl camera. The ipad doesn't take very good pictures with low light.



  1. LOL! You make even a cheeseball and crackers a work of graceful art, Peggy! You are amazing!

  2. Believe me!! I really enjoyed her cheese and crackers display....it was the best out of all the other tables!.,


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