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Monday, December 21, 2015

Veteran's Square


Yes, we finally got a little snow. It came late on Friday evening but is expected to be gone today or tomorrow. These warmer temperatures are unusual for our town but welcomed. I especially like that the weather is really helping our wildlife. It is much easier for the deer to find food in the woods. My friend Joan, among others feeds the deer in the winter. She started out just feeding the birds but then the groundhog,turkey and deer started showing up as well as birds. Now she has a regular crowd who come morning and night and wait to be fed.

For the weekend it was back to boots and gloves but we have to admit how beautiful the snow is. The gazebo in Veteran's Square is so pretty at night.

Now just for fun..can you find the panda?



  1. bless people like joan.
    and that is just enough snow to create magic.
    it's to be balmy here at christmas...
    just like it has been for the last several weeks.

  2. Found that Panda a long time ago ;). Joan is blessed to have such an array of beautiful creatures... :)


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