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Friday, August 18, 2017

A little glass of somein’ somein’

My drink of choice is ice water. Many times a day I can be found with this glass in my hand. I like iced peach tea or tea and lemonade mixed but drinking too much can be hard on my tummy.(ugh…former ulcers in my esophagus and stomach). I gave up soft drinks quite a while ago though in a pinch I will have a diet lemon lime mixed with cranberry juice.


We are having nice summer weather. Sadie enjoys being outside. She is much better now since her ear infection is gone but we are still treating her.
I had my Lensbaby lens out the other day. I love the effects it creates. I need to work on focus though.



The weekend is here…enjoy!IMG_7861IMG_7860

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  1. Hi, Peggy. Poor little Sadie has been through it, hasn't she? I'm glad that she is feeling better. The flower is so pretty ~ It looks like it has a circle of tiny flowers in its middle. Have a good one, my friend!


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