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Friday, August 11, 2017

Celebrate your life

It will be birthday time next month and when I saw this quote from Oprah it hit home that I need to be celebrating my life. I will be 73 which really sounds old when I say it but in my mind doesn't feel it. I am accepting of my age..well, I do regret that my body doesn't keep up sometimes. But I need to celebrate and be happy for I am so fortunate in my life. 
  Sometimes I get busy with the day to day and forget to have those special moments that are fun. I need some more of those. 

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  1. Ditto, Peggy! I get so caught up in being productive and forget to stop and have more fun! I've been absent from your blog lately because of a dental issue that quickly became a serious health issue, but I'm doing better now. Have a great day, my friend, and stop to enjoy and celebrate your life!


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