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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Uh oh.

Oh yeah...it was a bad mistake.  My computer got hijacked badly. It started with me seeing that I had something on my computer called palikan which is a bad thing to have. So to get rid of it I downloaded Spyhunter. Now that sounds like the right thing to do doesn't it? LIttle did I know that Spyhunter would take over an hour to scan my computer and then ask for money to get rid of bad programs. When I decided not to pay it completely took over my computer so that I couldn't uninstall Spyhunter.  I couldn't use my virus protection program either to get rid of it. And it wouldn't let me download any program to get rid of it. I am stuck! I called for professional help. This is way beyond my capabilities to fix. I can still use the computer but who knows what that program could be doing. Yikes! 

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  1. Yikes is right! I had a scareware program turn up on my computer, but I extricated myself from it without problems by immediately going to Apple Care and support. The tech spent an hour or so going through my computer for free and explained about scareware scams. You have to be so careful these days!


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