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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Writing prompts

Sometimes it is fun to do writing prompts on the blog. These came from BlogHer.

1. Everyone is an expert in something. Tell us three things you’re an expert in.

I had to think hard for this one. I don’t consider myself an “expert”. But three things I’m good at….blogging, playing the piano, painting.

2. Do you prefer to take advice from strangers or from people close to you? 

  Absolutely I want advice from those who know me best and that I trust.

3. Are you a fan of self help/advice books? What is one of your favorites?

  I’ve always loved self help books and feel that I could learn from them. I used to read Jack Canfield books when I first began finding self help books.

4. What was something you once believed was true but now you know is false?

  I once thought that through my advice people would change but now I know that people do what they want regardless of how you think they should behave.

5. What is the hardest part about learning a new skill?  Do you enjoy a challenge or do you like things to come easily?

Of course it would be great if learning was always easy. I’ve been lucky that things have come easily to me most of the time (but I have to put in the work). I am the type to keep on trying and not give up until I master something. There only has been one thing that I had to let go because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t figure it out. That is Lightroom a program for photo editing.

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6. Tell us one thing you remember learning in school as a kid.

I was lucky that my principal and seventh grade teacher lived in my neighborhood. He was a fantastic teacher and loved education and I credit him for encouraging me to become a teacher. He taught us geography in a clever way using games and recitation. I remember his class and learning the products of South American countries. I wonder if kids these days even study other countries like that.

7. What was your best subject back in school? Did you choose a profession that uses that subject?

I think art has to have been my best subject because it came so easily and I enjoyed it so much. I started out to be an art teacher but it didn’t work out because I had to quit school to take care of my family who were in a bad car accident. When I went back to college I majored in education with a minor in art.

8. Tell us about a teacher who changed your life.

My principal and neighbor changed my life by encouraging me to go back to school and become a teacher. My high school math teacher also encouraged me to go to college while waiting for my boyfriend to complete his Navy tour.

I would love to hear your answers to some of these questions in the comments.

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  1. I'm blowing this morning on line!
    So I will quickly answer some questions.

    1. I don't consider myself an expert ~ I've been more of a butterfly flitting about and sampling all the flowers. I'm probably best at writing and photography. I was a great teacher, but I'm retired now.

    2. I prefer to take advice from my husband, siblings, and closest friends ~ although I've gotten some great advice from strangers or people who weren't close to me.

    3. I've read lots of self help books. My favorite was “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. I'm working on downsizing my belongings.

    4. When I was little, I believed that life was fair and that if you worked hard and studied, good things would come to you. I have since learned that life is unfair and can be cruel, harsh, and/or tragic regardless of how hard you worked and studied.

    5. Achieving competence in acquiring a new skill. I try lots of things, but I quickly learn whether or not I really want to invest the time to become competent. Some things, like writing, I have stuck with throughout my life. Some, like hooking rugs, I quickly learned, were not for me and abandoned.

    6. I learned a million things in school. One of my early big thrills was drawing my first map in grade three. I've been passionate about maps all my life.

    &. Oh, Peggy, I'm embarrassed to say I, but I was good in all subjects, although weakest in foreign languages and algebra. I suffered a lot growing up because I was smart; kids can be very cruel. I have degrees in English, Geology, and Education, and I have used them all throughout my life. Learning is my greatest joy in life.

    7. I have had a number of amazing teachers who have changed my life. I actually had both of my parents as teachers in school as well as at home. They both taught me different things, they were both amazing, and I cannot choose one above the other.

    Have a good one!


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