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Monday, August 07, 2017

Sadie update

It's been a while since I updated you on Sadie. Right now she is holding her own with the chemotherapy medicine that I am getting from Arizona. It seems to be keeping the lupus in remission. She is still taking a low dose of prednesilone and her thyroid medication. I don't let her walk too much because she gets sores on her wrists because her feet are deformed. We carry her outside and back in all the time. 
  But this weekend we faced another problem. She started to itch her ear and by today she had quite a bad ear infection. So it was off to the vets for ear wash and medicine. I am hoping that this will help quickly because she is hurting a little. She had lost a little weight which is what we were working on. The less weight she is carrying the easier it will be for her to walk. 
  We dearly love our little dog and are doing all we can for her. 

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  1. Poor dear little Sadie! You and Don are taking wonderful care of her as she goes through this difficult time.


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