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Saturday, August 19, 2017

I did it!


      Once in a while I surprise myself. It started with noticing that I couldn’t stream Netflix or Amazon Prime videos on my smart tv. The signal would stop and I’d get a message saying that my bandwidth was too low. Since I switched to Atlantic Broadband I knew that wasn’t true. So I tried a few things with the spaghetti of wires behind my computer. Then I had internet but the modem was running on battery power…uh, oh. I left it last night to deal with in the morning. Only you know how that goes. I couldn’t sleep worrying about it and didn’t fall asleep till three in the morning.
  So this morning I went at it. Everything I knew how to do I did. The problem seemed to be in the power. Finally I gave up and called for help and ….you know how that goes…all lines are busy , we’ll call you back. (which they never did by the way). So I attempted to solve the problem myself. I won’t bore you with all the different strategies I tried but finally in the end I got it working perfectly. Yeah for me!

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  1. Kudos to you, Peggy! Terry and I ran into the same problem with Amazon Prime's videos ~ got the same maddening "not enough bandwidth" message. We finally found what we were trying to watch (the lass few episodes of Orphan Black) through our regular cable service. We haven't been back to try it again.


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