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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It was just one of those days

Yesterday was just one of those ordinary days. My normal weekday always begins with meeting my friends for coffee. We alternate the places where we meet and yesterday we met at Perkins. There were five of us. One time another girl we know came over to our table to talk to us and we told her we had been meeting every morning for fifteen years. She asked, "Don't you run out of things to talk about?" We just laughed. Never, ever do we lack conversation. 

   After coffee we all adjourned to the Presbyterian Church where we all helped Joan who was committee chairwoman for our Bradford meeting of PASR, our school retirement county group. We set the tables, folded napkins, and arranged centerpieces for our local luncheon today. I had a brief interruption for a dentist appointment but came back as soon as I could.

In the afternoon we had a rainstorm so I sat and read the new Kath Reichs book Two NIghts. 

   When I got home my subscription box from Nikki had arrived. If you remember I had signed up for this box every other month from AT Home with Nikki. I loved the first one and was excited to open this one. My sister LInda had subscribed too and we opened ours at the same time while we were talking on the phone. I will let this video from Nikki show you what I received. 

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  1. Really good friends NEVER run out of things to say ~ LOL! I live Kathy Reichs as an author! I'll have to get this book. The box was fun. I'm a big believer in essential oils. Have a great day, Peggy!


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