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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

WAlk along with me

There is nothing like a summer walk..even though our weather felt a little bit like fall last night. I am so lucky to have great places to walk within minutes of my house. So last night I walked on the University of Pittsburgh trail.

This paved trail is easy walking with very slight hills and offers a lot to see. All our local wildflower are represented. Here are just a few that I saw..goldenrod, snap dragons, some wild daisies and purple something...maybe my gardener friends will help me identify them. 

There are even berries along the trail...elderberries and blackberries. 

It was fun to see a mom with her kids picking the blackberries. I talked with the little boys and they told me they had seen two chipmunks and one snake on their travels. The trail is not crowded at all. I only saw one gal running and two other men walking. I am so lucky to have this trail near me. 

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  1. Wonderful photos, Peggy, although I can't help you with the identification of the purple flowers. I like the enlarged format of your pictures. Everything is so green and lovely. When I see goldenrod, I know fall isn't far behind!


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