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Thursday, August 03, 2017

The vines, the vines

It's the time of the summer when things just gets out of hand. We have two vines that needed trimmed so Don and I took turns on the ladder cutting them back.

This one is between the kitchen windows and has a tendency to creep in front of the windows and up over the gutters as it grows during the summer. 

This climbing hydrangea grows way over in behind the grill and also onto the shed behind the garage. 
Although the thermometer only reads 77 today I have discovered that the heat really bothers me. I get overheated fast and almost sick at my stomach. So I came in to the air conditioning in the sunroom to get cooled down. Don also cannot take the heat because of his COPD so we are just not good in the summer to do outdoor chores. I think it's time that we realized that we are going to have to get help.


  1. I love vines! RH not so much ever since I pestered him into planting English ivy that almost choked out his favorite tree years ago. I pinned a climbing hydrangea today on Pinterest, thinking it would be pretty on the bluebird house poles. Do you think that's a bad idea?

    Please do be careful of the heat and yes get help if you can. And Peggy, your comments are still sent to "awaiting moderation" but at least now I know to look for them there! A pleasant weekend to you; our family is all coming in for RH's 75th celebration!

  2. I find the heat too, Peggy! Please be careful ~ help is always good!


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