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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Early morning in the garden

It is quite cold this morning...enough for a jacket. It has been raining overnight and the flowers got a good soaking. In the spring I read that if you planted three packets of zinnia seeds you would have enough zinnias to cut all summer and bring in the house. So I did, but now in August they are just beginning to bloom and I certainly don't have a plethora. I so want a cutting garden but I find there are not enough blooms to share inside the house. 

I love these peppermint phlox. They are beaten down by the rain today and hanging their heads. 

The climatis did not do well this year. I replaced this one on the side of my arch but it is just now beginning to show signs of life. 

This is Francesca a new little statue that I found at a market in Virginia. She was all white and painted so I tried to ver de Gris her. I think I need to add much more copper and brown. 

The pots seem to be doing well. My flower boxes of pink petunias in the front of the house are amazing this year. We get a frost very soon in September so we lose our flowers quickly. But I will enjoy them while they are here. 

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  1. Your garden is lovely, Peggy, no matter the weather!


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