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Friday, February 12, 2016

A little touch of France

Ever since I took some trips to France I have been in love with adding a few French touches to my home. Throughout the years I have incorporated these little things into my decor.

Sometimes it is just as simple as a ribbon with French script. Here is sits atop a wire tower with fleur de lis. The angel is a reminder of my best friend that passed away last year.

A different ribbon adorns my vase of faux calla lillies.

I even like to set my table with a French theme. This silver and taupe cloth is not actually a tablecloth. It's a shower curtain. When I saw it I knew it would be just right for my French table.


I even used the shower curtain rings as napkin rings.


I thought this laurel candle holder went well with the theme as well as the little silver ball garland.

My slipcovers from Pier One fit in just right.

You can see that I still have my branches up from Christmas time.
Other little touches are in the sunroom too. Little bird houses on the amaryllis, lavendar and a crown on the baker's rack, and a silver trophy urn holding a white tulip arrngement.

I must admit I overdo it a little but I love seeing all the vignettes tht remind me of a wonderful time.



  1. Well aren't you a clever one! I'll be looking at shower curtains much differently. In fact I'll be going this week end to check them out!

  2. i've also been known to use fabric shower curtains at my windows! with very classy fasteners they're wonderful!
    and they slide so easily ... for a person like me who loves to open them and let in the light and fresh air!
    yup! they're wonderful.. for table or window! :)

  3. See Peggy :). You are sharing a great idea for others to try...YOU ARE GOOD Peggy!!


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