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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Techie question

Do you ever run into a problem on your computer and wish there was just someone to ask? That is me. I'm having a tech problem with blogging so I'm asking anyone out there with just a little more knowledge than I have to see if anyone can solve my issue.

Here it is:

Before getting my new computer with Windows 10 I used Windows Live Writer to compose my posts and put them into Blogger. It worked great and I loved it because you could drag and drop pictures from the Photo Gallery easily. 
  But when I tried installing Windows Live Writer on my new computer it was not compatible with the system. It took me a long time to research that and find that out. 
  So: first question...does anyone know how to get around that and install it.  Does anyone have it on their Windows 10?

Second question:
  Now I am using the Blogger platform to make my posts by clicking on the "new post" words at the top of the blog posts. It's ok but adding images is a problem since my internet is slow. It takes more time than I want. So I would like to drag and drop them from the gallery. Is that possible? I've tried everything and can't do it. Can anyone help with that?

I can copy a picture (like below) from the internet and paste it in, but can't copy from the gallery.

Is anyone using any other way of blogging to Blogger?

If you can help I'd be so grateful. I love blogging but hate Computer Problem Stock Images - Image: 20007434change. Especially when the thing in the past worked so well.


  1. i'm no help.
    my blog's in word press. and that's bad enough as it is!
    the upgrades they constantly do keep me guessing and having to change.
    i accidentally uploaded windows 8. i'm trying hard to stay away from windows 10.
    good luck. i feel your pain. ♥
    i bet Tessa can help when she comes by. she seems to be a whiz at it all.
    love the "little" ones in the banner above!

  2. Windows!

    *Evil* Windows... >,-)

    Means you use a Pc.

    We long ago, switched from Pc to Mac.

    So I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

    Good luck!


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