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Friday, February 05, 2016

Did I say No snow?

In the last post I bragged that we had no snow. I should have known better. Overnight we got about an inch. Just enough to cover everything. As I went to coffee in the morning it was fine for about two miles until I got on the highway. Then I hit a blizzard. I slowed down to thirty mph, the road was covered and looked slippery, and I couldn't see very far. After coffee it had stopped snowing and this afternoon it has melted on the driveways and roads. If this is our little touch of winter I'll take it. 
  Today was our Literary Club Valentine's Tea. It's always a nice meeting and we invite the Current Events Club. Our speaker was from a nearby town and owns a Sweet Shoppe selling candies, ice cream, soups, and savories. She gave us all a little bag tied with a ribbon which contained four square of her delicious candies. 

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