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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blue, baby, Blue…and white

If you’ve been reading Season to Season for any length of time you already know how I love my blue and white accents in my living room.

I’ve been collecting it for a number of years. My living room is the only room that has blue and white now.


I even have paintings of blue and white china.

The plate behind this round blue and white box is a favorite of mine. It is a Danish plate from Royal Copenhagen and was given to me by my best friend.
I even used a pot for my favorite flower the agapanthus. By the way I painted that little watercolor of the lavender fields in France from a photo I took there.

There are pots on top of the entertainment center and more pieces on the mantle.


But my very favorite pieces are those for tea…a cup from Royal Copenhagen that I bought at their factory, a Chinese teapot given to me by a friend, and a wire tray from another friend.

Are you a reader of Nell Hill? I’ve mentioned her before on this blog and today her whole post was about blue and white. You can find it at the side of my blog or go here…

Do you have blue and white in your decorating scheme? Or some other prevalent color?   


  1. No blue...

    My main color(s) are shades of pink/rose.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blogs Peggy! It's like I am reading your journal :). Thank you for giving us your insight, your feelings, your love of so many thing and sharing it all with us❤️


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