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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Everybody has to do it

Yes, everyone has to clean. No matter who you are or where you live things get dirty and have to be cleaned sooner or later. And there are degrees of cleanliness. The OCD people have to have everything in its place and their houses are spotless..no clutter, no dirt allowed anytime. At the other end there are the slobs who live in filth and don't care. Most of the rest of us fall somewhere in between.
   I have always envied those who have this down to a science. They make a schedule and follow it permitting only temporary dirt and clutter and each week continue the practice of making their homes a space where things are managed quite well. Is that you?
   Throughout the years I have tried to work by a schedule but my right brain, creative side soon tires of this routine. I am more of the philosophy...clean it when it needs it. It's a rather hit and miss way of doing things but amazingly things do get done and the house does get clean. 
    I do declutter as needed..picking up my books and materials for various projects. The kitchen stays clean as I make sure each night after supper dishes are put away and counters cleaned. The sweeper gets run, the surfaces dusted and drawers organized when I see they are messy. And Sundays the laundry gets done. so my method does work. 
   But today I decided to deep clean.  Now that is another story. The bedroom was accumulating dust bunnies on the ceiling and more on the floor under the bed and behind the dresser. Now that called for serious work. I washed down the walls, swept up, and cleaned the floor. Everything in the room got a through dusting from ceiling to floor. whew!  Now I am going to sort my jewelry. Just taking a break. Do you find that you can't do as much now that you are older? I need some rest and recuperation after a big job like this. 


  1. I wouldn't even attempt a big job like that!

    So that shows you, how I am slowed down! :-)

  2. Just checking my new icon pic. A museum piece. :-)))) Obviously not me.

    But I love the picture and some people use paintings, for their icon.

  3. Well, it shows quite tiny. But I guess I will use it, for awhile.


  4. I use to spend a lot of time keeping our house super clean. Then when I was recuperating from hernia surgery I realized no one cared if the house was a little less than perfect. Now I keep the house clean, especially the kitchen, but I don't break my back over it. Yes I need to clean out some drawers, but I will get around to it. I would rather have a little fun than have a perfect house. :)

  5. Lent is always the time of year I clean, straighten and sort through my attic, closets and drawers. Then the last couple of weeks before Easter I clean thoroughly. In many ways I think of Easter as the start of a new year much like I think of September as the start of a new year. I enjoy taking control of my house and I always feel good when I get finished. The hard part is getting started! Once I begin I am fine. I love the part where stuff is thrown away or donated to Good Will.

  6. Now that I'm older? Absolutely! I'm amazed when I read my journals from 20 years ago how much I accomplished in one day. And it's not easy accepting that I just can't do that anymore.

    I excitedly clicked on a blogger's post a few months ago, something like: How to Clean Your House in 30 minutes. What I found out was that it's easy to clean your house in 30 minutes--IF it's already clean. No, maybe not even then. She gave 5 minutes to wipe down cabinets and counters an appliances. I couldn't do that in 5 minutes even when I was 20.


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