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Tuesday, February 02, 2016


My soon to be grand daughter in law put up a challenge on her blog. Gretchen's blog called Gretch Runs can be found on my sidebar. She is an adorable smart gal who works as a system analyst at a bank in downtown Pittsburgh. She is a faithful runner and her blog is full of good advice. She also writes about different foods and cuisines, previews various products such as makeup and clothes, and writes about her travels.
Today she challenged us to write about what we are currently doing.

what am I currently eating?
This is nothing new but I am making an effort to eat better and more healthy. I bought a rice steamer and am using it to steam vegetables. They seem to taste better and the process of putting them in the steamer and waiting for them is making me more aware of the food I'm putting in my mouth. 

What am I currently dreaming about?
My son posted on Facebook about a Disney vacation. A few years ago the whole family went and stayed together at a house. We had such a great time that I would love to do that again. 

What am I currently smelling?
Every morning a spritz on the perfume that Don got me for Christmas....Eternity Now by Calvin Kline. 

What am I currently hearting?
I am hearting this winter. It has been so unusually mind for us..no big huge dangerous snowstorms or extreme cold. In fact today there is not even snow on the ground. Loving it. 

Now that I have my Photoshop program installed I plan on creating more pictures with my DSLR camera.


  1. "My soon to be grand daughter in law" :-)

    You have to explain this one. Please. He is your grand son? But I didn't think your children, were old enough, to have grown children of their own...... ?????

  2. if that last picture is something you have done with your camera... i am blown away.
    i simply love that.
    even without the true words... it is just hauntingly beautiful. but then i love birds.

  3. I am eating mindfully. No snacking, Better choices while eating those things I love. For example at the Model T a hamburger and a salad not fries. A cookie only at Tea Time. I am already seeing results.

    I am dreaming of good reading,good knitting and good closet cupboard cleaning.

    I am smelling the fragrance of my wood fire and a vanilla candle.

    I am hearting my husband of 46 years.


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