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Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello Fresh


My friend Linda has been using Hello Fresh for a week and loves the taste and convenience of it. She wanted me to try it so she gave me this box of Fusilloni Al Forno which is a fancy name for beef and pasta with spinach. IMG_5477
All these ingredients came in the box.

The directions were very clear and easy to follow. I browned the onions and garlic , then the meat. Added the spinach and mixed in the ricotta and nutmeg. The seasonings were included in the package which would make it easy for those not wanting to go out and buy special spices.

It was easy to assemble and I put shredded cheese on the top and put it in the over to melt.

Pros: It was easy to make even though it involved quite a few steps.

           All the ingredients were included.

   The directions were very clear and illustrated.
Cons: Don’s opinion—You make better than this. I make a similar dish that he thought was more flavorful.

The price-$70 for three meals a week. Each serving is very generous. Don and I could have two meals with this serving.
It is fresh so you have to eat it up right away.

Conclusion: It was fun to try and I really liked the recipe. But I would rather buy my own ingredients. I have spices on hand. It would not be practical for us, but for a single person I would recommend it.


  1. I've seen adds for this. It's interesting for you to have had the chance to try it out.

    I prefer to buy grass fed beef and free range chickens, etc. So it wouldn't work here. But for a single person, who just doesn't want to have to buy, store, and fix..... It could be a great idea.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Since I'd never have been able to do it, for myself. :-)

  2. For me, it is pricey...but I have enjoyed different types of recipes from Hello Fresh...as for the meat....I do believe it's from the best...everything is fresh, on spot...I am one that never buys fresh herbs...it has been an interesting and delicious ride :)


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