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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Are you thinking Spring yet?

All over the web ...especially in the south..bloggers are beginning to post about Spring. The weather there is warming up and they are beginning to see signs of the change of seasons. This is when we northerners are yearning for a nie day above freezing and the melting of a little snow. Our Spring is still a long way off. Our tulips won't be out until April. So it's hard to get excited about those pictures of forsythia when our ground is still covered in white.

It's an in between season. Too cold to go outside walking. We are still in winter mode. It's a great time to be cleaning and organizing but I'd rather cuddle and read.





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  1. A few years ago, I saw and took a picture of, a neighbor shoveling snow off the front yard. ,-))))

    I'm still hanging in, with handling the winter. More like March, and I can get to be really, really, sick of it. Then I long for an island in the Caribbean, and the surf lapping and the gentle trade winds blowing. ,-)))))

    I probably knew, and forgot, that your father was a pharmacist. :-))))


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