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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Do you have a daily ritual? Many people write in their journals first thing in the morning. Or keep a certain schedule throughout the day. And some drink tea. 

 In the winter there is nothing better than tea. I try to have my tea time at three o'clock each day. I'm not a fanatic about it so if I miss it that's ok. But there is something special about fixing a cup and having a little nosh about that time.

Maybe it's the warmth. Maybe it's the taste. Maybe it's the honey but something about pouring a steaming cup just gets in your soul.

I use a small tray with French tiles and wire handles to carry my tea to a chair. I have a certain old silver spoon and a small white ceramic square for my tea bag. I use a cast iron Japanese style teapot which holds just two cups...just right..and keeps the second cup hot until I am ready for it. I love a red square mug with black inside and Chinese figures on the outside. I wonder what it says.

Tea time is nice but if you combine it with a great book it gets even better.


  1. I love tea. I always have. Everyday I have a pot of tea for breakfast with my toast and in the late afternoon I make another pot of tea and have a cookie in front of the fire. My mother and grandmother always had afternoon tea and my sister and I would join them. Tea time seems to center me and it allows me to live in the moment. I too have a tea try and I use my good dishes.

  2. Yes, rituals knit our live together. :-)

    Big ones, like what our family does, at Christmas...

    Little ones, like how we have a Manhattan, on Saturday nights...

    Yes, rituals...... :-)

    Gentle hugs,


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