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Friday, February 26, 2016

Famous quotes from children's books



I have always loved Winnie the Pooh. I read the books to my children and read them to my students in class. How wise was Pooh. And who could forget his friendship with Piglet. And Eeyore with his constant state of discouragement. I even named my son Christopher.

Speaking of Chris we had a little scare. He went to the emergency room on Wednesday night with chest pains. He is forty five and too young for that. He needed up with a heart cath on Thursday morning. He had a small artery 100% blocked but other vessels had grown around it to reroute the blood so they did not put in a stent. He will be on quite a few meds for the next ninety days to help those vessels grow. He had to cancel his work trip to Switzerland next week. I'm so glad his wife Michele who is a nurse insisted on taking him to the hospital.

This has been a rough week medically. Don had a routine colonoscopy. My granddaughter Sara had an endoscopy and a barium swallow test to discover why she has trouble eating and gets full so fast. So far the results don't show any problems.


  1. And Chris will have a lot of life style changes, to make, as well. This was a wake up call. A chance to make changes, before anything else happens. Best of luck to him!

    And to the others, who have had to have tests.

    And yes, I love Pooh!!!!


  2. actually Chris is smack in the middle of his heart attack years according to the doctors.
    my dad had his at 45. not an ounce of fat on him. he even looked 10 years younger.
    the bad fat was all in his arteries i guess. he didn't survive his.
    Chris is very lucky. and how wonderful that Michele is a nurse! she will know how to watch him well.
    and POOH! oh you know how much i love Pooh and the gang. i've spoken of them and done posts on the peanut about them. they never grow old. only more loved!
    love to you and yours dear bean. and no more SCARES! my goodness! xoxo♥

  3. Blessings on your family.


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