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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow gifs

It looks like a lot of snow is headed our way tonight. Don't you love the gif? I had forgotten about using these in my blog and rediscovered them while I was searching for my techie answer. So for your entertainment here are a few more.

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  1. -waving hand- Please may I disagree? I have never like moving stuff, on blogs. Maybe it's my old eyesight but... They make me dizzy. And I have to get away, as quickly as possible.

    Please, others who like them, tell Peggy that you do. Because she obviously does like them.

    Even though I am a "wet-blanket"... -grinnnnnnn-

    But! More snow! Headed across? Eeeek! No!

    Mother Nature, I know I wanted some snow. I know I did. I admit it. But now, enough please. Please. Please.




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