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Saturday, February 27, 2016


I don't own a smart phone yet. I can see the advantages and know since I love my ipad that I would also love a smart phone. But I just can't justify getting one yet because I still have to have a land line. The signal isn't great where I live. And besides I talk a long time on the phone to my sisters and holding a smart phone to your ear all that time just isn't comfortable. Plus the fact that when my bill came for my flip phone last month I had only used four of my alloted four hundred minutes. I would love to have one for the convience of getting on the internet whenever I wanted. And I'd love to take pictures too. I know one is coming in the future for me.

But last night I saw something that gave me pause. Don and I were out to dinner and a younger (maybe in their thirties) couple came in and sat in a booth near us. Both of them got out their phones. They sat there absorbed in doing what ever they were so involved in until their appetizer came. Then they used one hand to eat and the other to hold their phone all the while staring down and not talking to each other. Really? They couldn't stop long enough to eat? Do you see this happening too?







  1. THESE are ALL fabulous cartoons.
    it would be funny if it weren't so scary.
    we're living in the age of communication. and nobody is really communicating!
    at least not personally! i've also seen couples do that in a restaurant.
    and it's scary to me. like robots or something.
    but it's here now. and it's the future. i guess it works for them. i just don't know!
    i'm like you. i love my land line. and my land line cordless phone cost me $15.
    it works like a charm!

  2. In Pittsburgh today I saw families at the restaurant all sitting in silence studying their phones, not speaking. Ann says I am getting an I Phone when I update.


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