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Monday, February 01, 2016

Memories , so long ago but fresh in my mind

I'm thinking this morning of the Cours Mirabeau, a street in France. Have you ever had a memory that you can look back on and remember it just as though you had been there yesterday? My trip with my best friend Yrsa to Aix en Provence still stands out in my mind as one of the most memorable events in my life. I can still remember flying into Nice and being picked up by her cousin and boyfriend and driven through Monaco. Then up into the mountains of Provence. The highlight of the trip for me and there were many was our three day visit to Aix.


The Cours Mirabeau is the main street of the town and is lined with plane trees and outdoor cafes.

And in the center of the street at intervals there were beautiful unique fountains.

I can vividly remember sitting at an outdoor cafe and gazing at this large fountain. A young man with a sketch pad sat down at my table and began making a picture of the fountain. As I watched in fascination I thought how wonderful it must be to live in a city like this. I love the French life.


I would love to hear if you have such a vivid memory that you can think of and smile.



  1. I remember our 8 days in Paris... And it was lovely. One memory is La Tour Eiffel, lit at night.

    Being tourists who tried to pay attention to local customs, we had only one bad experience, with a nasty street "photographer".

    But one of my new blog ladies, who lives in France, says that there are no acts of random kindness by the French. People butt in front of you in grocery store lines, etc. Rudeness between people, reigns.

    It was a great place to visit. But I'd not want to live there.

    So, we keep our memories. :-)

    1. We also had one bad memory...a little man was following us as we walked late at night on a street. I pulled the girls over to a window so that he had to pass us but then he waited up further and we had to pass him. I was really afraid he was going to mug us. But I had forgotten all about that until you talked about your memory. The good memories and fabulous sites that I saw overshadowed anything bad that might have happened. We always make the best of everything and when a mistake happens or things don't go our way it can lead to amazing discoveries.

  2. oh my they DO do it right there don't they! such beauty.
    i love places that feed your hunger for beauty everywhere you look.
    london did that for me when i went with the marine.
    his wife was working at our embassy there on a special assignment.
    i got to stay in mayfair in a townhouse. NEVER EVER could i have afforded that on my own!
    during the days the marine and i literally WALKED all over london... every park... every part of the city.
    then in the evenings i stayed in and let them have dinner out together. one night we all went to see
    phantom of the opera at the queen's theatre... and took a london cab! THAT was a highlight for me! LOLOL
    you might remember the post. i fell in love with the london taxi. :)

    1. That must have been such a wonderful experience. And to be treated to a great place to stay and the play...WOW! I saw Phantom twice and it's a favorite of mine.


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