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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Today I Removed

I don't know about you but I clean when the mood hits me. And Saturday it whammed me on the side of the head. I decided to clean the sunroom. First I did the cleaning..and I mean cleaning...washing down the walls, wiping off the baseboards, cleaning the French doors and all the windows, taking down things and dusting, cleaned and swept the floors. (ok, Don swept for me).  And I removed....two icy crystal wreaths that were hanging at the French doors, all the branches and hanging pine cone decorations that were above the table, anything that looked like winter..pine cones, balls. Everything is packed up and ready to take its annual trip to the attic. Don helped me take the arch from above the fireplace and I replaced it with a cheery painting. He put the arch back outside. I know it's not spring yet but when the mood hits and I have the energy I just have to go with it. Doesn't it feel good to get something in order and clean? All the surfaces shine...yipee!

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  1. Next time that ENERGY hits you, please share it with me. :)


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