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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It must be the teacher in me. I have always loved education. To me it is thrilling to learn something new... a new skill, a new word, a new way of thinking. I love learning. And I loved to teach. That is why I got a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Art. Then my Master's degree and continued on to get 42 more additional graduate credits. I loved finding out new ways to teach, new ways to educate a child, new teachniques to use in the classroom.

I have always tried learning new things. I tried countless different crafts over the years...embroidery, sewing, quilling, watercolors, and many more. I was always pursuing something to learn. While I was teachin there was plenty to learn and with the invention of computers I discovered an unlimited source of knowedge.

Then I retired. It was time to learn something new. So I began a blog. It was a learning curve that I enjoyed. Blogging gave me an outlet and challenged me every day to write creatively. And I began to become a photographer. As time went on I researched about photography and learned more and more. I bought Photoshop Elements and learned how to use it creatively to improve my pictures. It was a steep learning curve there and I used all my power to find tutorials. That is when I discovered Kim Klassen. She turned out to be the most influential blogger in my life. I took online courses from her which were tough but rewarding. Her down to earth way of teaching fit into my pattern of learning. I learned so many skills from her which made my blogging even better and through Photoshop made my pictures better too.

Now I am taking a new course that is being offered. She will be teaching a course and she has asked another teacher to also teach one with her. I am taking Photo Artistry. The goal of the course is to take many photos, use Photoshop to manipulate them, and make works of art worthy of framing and displaying. The course is quite extensive and I'm just beginning. It will be work to learn all those new techniques but I am excited about it. I hope to improve my photography and take it up to the next level. And I hope to use my artistic skills to make them works of art. I am very excited about this.

Are you still learning? Have you taken any courses or been taught a new skill?



  1. I guess my question would be..... How can anyone stop learning? :-)

    Life would be awfully boring, without new things. Be they learning skills, or finding new people to communicate with, or learning new information via reading, or etc., etc., etc.

    Hooray for you! You find taking classes to be your best route. And you pursue them.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. I would hope from the post that you would know that I'm talking about more formal learning vs. the day to day life lessons one learns. Some people never try to discover new things and are content with that. That's ok too.

  3. I have enjoyed creative writing, something for which I thought I had no talent or aptitude. Since I retired 12 years ago I have taken classes at UPB, researched on line and read books on how to write. Over the 12 years I have grown as a writer and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I also enjoy the day to day life lessons and often post them in my personal journal. I want to learn for the rest of my life. I agree with Einstein, "When you stop learning, you die."

  4. There are too many classes and not enough time! I love Kim KLassens classes. She has taught me a lot. I have taken her Be Still, Lightroom and Instagram classes. Although, I am not taking the one you mention above, I have too much going on at the moment. Enjoy the class!

  5. OH!
    what a treat!
    i had so much catching up to do since i've been off line.
    that painting... you're just excelling and i can tell you love it. a great picture of YOU too btw!
    and the cartoons! and the sunroom cleaning (my favorite of course! LOLOL! ... you know... all that
    'putting away of things!' :)


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