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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Funny weather


Do you talk about the weather a lot where you live? My son says I talk about the weather all the time. He lives in Tennessee and doesn't really talk about his weather too much. That's because it is nice most of the time there. Even in the summer when he has rain it doesn't last too long. The same way with snow. He gets it once in a while but it doesn't stay around too long. What a contrast from here.

We talk about it because it affects a lot of what we do. First of all it affects our clothing..scarves, hats, gloves, boots and a warm coat. Ryan doesn't understand why we need so many coats. I have coats for all kinds of weather...very warm and heavy for those freezing cold days, lighter for days when there is sun, and then midseason coats, lights coats, rain coats...I could go on and on. Then the weather affects if we go out of the house or not. Those slippery roads and icy sidewalks can keep us in and keep us safe. I worry a lot more about falling than I did when I was young.

This mild weather and no snow has me hankering for Spring. It is a long ways away here. We don't get leaves full on the trees until the end of May. April brings the flowers. So we have a few months to get through before we can enjoy that lovely warm weather.

But I haven't minded this winter a bit. It's given me a chance to read and work on the computer. And a chance to do some deep cleaning. And I love the stews and casseroles that this season brings. But it does seem strange looking out the window and not seeing snow.

Yesterday Don and I had a day date. We went to Erie for lunch and a little shopping. Tammy, you would be proud of me for I came home with very little. I looked a lot but didn't see anything that I had to have. Either I am getting more picky or you are rubbing off on me..>he he. I did buy some removable labels for the bins and some metal rings to hang up my wreath holders in the attic. I bought some flowers to make an arrangement in a bowl that I had bought a while back. A few suet cakes...and that's all. Can you believe it? So today I need to get all the wreaths hung up after Don makes a rod in the attic for me. And maybe I'll get around to making the arrangement.



  1. LOLOL!!!!
    i AM PROUD! but then... you must be you.
    i'd not like to think my way of thinking might rub off enough
    to rob you of the joy from one of your favorite things...
    browsing wee shoppes and discovering delights!
    maybe the secret is in that old minimalist saying... just let one thing go whenever you bring in something else!
    we live eat and breathe weather here. yesterday the wind was over 50 mph. it literally blew me into a gas pump while i was pumping my gas!!! LOLOL! wonder what skinny people do? just roll away like a tumbleweed I guess. LOLOL.
    we're having way too much fun here.
    i love your posts.

  2. My son, who lives in Pittsburgh, says I talk about the weather all the time too. Like you the weather affects us much more than it affects our children. I too am very fearful of accidents because of all the forest I drive through with almost no cell service. I also am afraid of falling. I never used to give it a thought.

    As far as shopping, I find I am much more discerning than I was. I can go for a day of shopping with friends and not buy a thing but my lunch. I also seem to be able as I clean out cupboards and closets to be able to let things go much more easily. If I don't love it or it isn't useful I let it go.

  3. Hooray for enjoying and looking, but not having to buy lots! :-)

    I've always been on Tammy's side, about buying stuff. Never got into it. :-)


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