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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow at Dawn


As you can see we had quite a snowfall yesterday.The redeeming thing about it is that it is so beautiful. The fresh snow that mounds over everything and makes the world a white blanket creates an enchanting world. The downside is that the roads were bad and school had to be cancelled. Also cancelled was my Circle of Friends luncheon. No one wanted to go out in it. And to make matters worse we lost power in the am until one and then again from five to seven thirty. I sat in the dark with candles lit reading a book by the light of a flashlight. When the power finally came on our tvs wouldn't work so I spent a half an hour on the phone with a lady from direct TV. The funny thing was that I struck up a conversation with her while we were waiting for the tv to reset itself. I always said people tend to tell me their life story and during the time I was on the phone I learned all about this woman, her knee surgeries, her kids, her home town...everything. It was funny. We chatted like old friends. She was very helpful and now tv is back for us. She lives in Destin, Florida. Destin is haunting me for some reason. You know how when you learn a new word you start seeing it everywhere. Or when you get a new car that you see so many of them on the road? Well, that is the was with Destin. I saw it in a magazine once. It is a town on the Gulf side of Florida up in the Panhandle. It looked like a nice place to visit. Then I began seeing it in a lot of magazines and online. I think that city wants me to visit it. And maybe I will.

Yesterday I made a flower arrangement using the urn that I had purchased. I thought I'd create a series of pictures as I went along and do a step by step tutorial for you all. So I did....only to find out that I had not replaced the chip in the camera!!! Oh well, nice try. But here is the finished arrangement.



  1. a wonderful story about the lady in destin!
    now I must google it and see what it's like.
    rummy calls that synchronicity! and it happens more than we realize.
    the fact that you recognize it and want to visit will be fascinating if you get to do that!
    stay warm dear bean... in your beautiful white snow.
    it's to be 80 degrees here today. summer in February! oh my goodness.

  2. Eighty??? I'll be right out. That is beyond my comprehension. I need to go to Florida in the winter!!

  3. I think Destin is calling you :) that is a beautiful arrangement by the way...❤️


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